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Top 5 Items New Moms Forget
to Pack in Their Hospital Bag

I have been right where you are, and "Pregnancy Brain" is real! Don't get caught forgetting these Must-Haves in your hospital bag as you are packing for the Big Day!

Avoid making your partner leave your side to go get these items from home

If your water breaks, you will want your partner by your side the whole time. To help you breathe and get through each and every contraction.


Don't spend extra money buying these at the hospital gift shop

You won't want to stress about where to get these items or if the gift shop is sold out. Since most pregnant Mommas are in a rush, they too will forget these and may have wiped out the gift shop already. Why risk it?


Rest assured by packing these items now, so you can fully focus on giving birth

Most people announce their pregnancy after the first trimester. You already know your due date. That means you have 6 months to prepare. It is never too early to start, so get this freebie today!

Packing Luggage

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