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This is me. I love to share all the things with all the Mommas. Motherhood encompasses so many stages. Pregnancy, birthing, nursing, sleepless nights, taking care of our family, cooking, cleaning, and so much more! All the while, taking care of ourselves and setting a good example for our little ones. Honest experience from one Momma to another. Giving you lots of Mom hacks and tips so you can spend more time with your family!

There is so much to see here! Plan your baby shower with my Amazon link on the homepage. Visit my Blog to get healthy recipes for your kitchen. I am even starting a channel on YouTube called "My Rockerbeez." I wrote a book and have a podcast too! I cannot wait for you to check it all out. I made it for you, my beautiful darlings! ~~~Barbie

Work with me! For those expecting Mommas who live in the Pennsylvania area, I am now offering a BABY NURSERY PREP SERVICE to help you "take a load off" of your nesting for baby.

After your baby shower (you are having one right?)

I can come to your house and do the following:


~wash all baby clothes, washcloths, bedding, and swaddle blankets 

~unbox all your baby shower gifts, organize, and put them away

~set up baby monitor to your Wi-fi and phones

~put bedding on the crib

~load diaper caddies and dresser drawers

~remove tags from baby clothes and organize them

~decorate the nursery, hang curtains, plug in lamps, hang artwork

~wash all bottles, pacifiers, and breast pump parts

~set up a place in the kitchen for bottle parts and attachments

~install car seat and baby mirror in each car

~get receipts and items together for return or exchange

~set up diaper bag with all the Momma and baby essentials

~help you pack your hospital bag for the big day

The only thing I don't do is build furniture. Dresser and crib need to be put together before I arrive.

If you are interested in this service, please email me here


I am SO EXCITED for you and your new bundle of joy!

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What does MY ROCKERBEEZ mean?
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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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