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Just For You, Momma!

Let's talk about Momma Products! Yes, you get to have some things of your own too! On this page I share all the hidden secrets that helped me get to the other side of pregnancy and breastfeeding. These products helped my boobs, tummy, thighs, and hips all bounce back after creating a tiny human. And they got me to feel like myself again. Also, some fashionable items that serve both you and baby. Like teething jewelry, a stylish diaper bag, and more.

I am an Amazon Affiliate which means I make a commission if you make a purchase through my site, at no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support!

Cocoa Butter

Ok Ladies! This is the exact Cocoa Butter I used to avoid getting stretch marks during pregnancy. My boy is four years old now, and I am still using it today to keep my skin moisturized and feeling amazing! Every time I get out of the shower, I lather myself up in this thick cream, put on my pajamas and go to bed. All night long I get to soak in the smooth silkiness. Then when I wake up, I am moisture rich and ready to start my day. 

Click the link to get yours today!

Products for Pregnancy

Post Partum Corset

After I gave birth, I used a corset to help me get my bones and organs back into place. I watched my sister do this and she got her figure back completely after 3 kids! I am happy to say I got mine back too. I go into detail of this in Chapter 13 of my book. But also combine this with Cocoa Butter to get the full effect. I am happy to say I have ZERO STRETHCMARKS!

Nursing Cups

Breast Shells

Capture every drop of your "liquid gold" and build your stash to bottle feed later or freeze. Yes, it is true, Mommas! While you are breastfeeding on one boob, the other boob leaks big time! So, you need to capture all that you can. I used these breast shell nursing cups to catch my extra milk. Trust me, there is a lot! They also come in super handy if you have chaffing, sore nipples, or need to air dry for a little while. Learn more in Chapter 11 of my book "Breastfeeding Tips That Worked".

Nipple Shield

If you have always wanted to breastfeed, but are having trouble with your latch, don't give up! These nipple shields can help. I too, had difficulty in the beginning, but my lactation consultant gave me these and they worked! They actually "trained" my nipple and I was able to gift my baby my breast milk. Be sure to grab a pair and check your community for a lactation group. I joined La Leche League and it was wonderful for me and my baby. 

This site contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission fee or referral fee if you make

a purchase through my website. With no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Milk Collection Kit

Once you catch your milk in the breast shells, you will need a place to put it! This Milk Collection Kit is perfect to bring with you anywhere! It contains on-the-go bags to pack with your baby gear, bottles to make for the babysitter, travel packs, and even screw top collectors for no leaks. All of these are BPA free and I loved using them to collect my milk after pumping or breastfeeding. This kit will last you through your breastfeeding journey. It made my life so much easier to have it all the options in one kit. It really helped me build my milk stash so much I was able to have extra breast milk to make my own baby food. Check out my baby food recipes in Chapter 17 of my book. 

Diaper Bag

All this baby gear needs to travel with you somehow. Introducing the JJ Cole series of diaper bags. This is the one I used and LOVED! It has so many pockets to organize all your baby items. I liked how stylish it is it almost looks like a purse. Now that I am past the breastfeeding and diaper stage, I still love it and use it as my laptop bag. It is so versatile and won't go out of style. Mine is gray and white. It comes in a couple of different colors. 

Teething Necklace

This Teething Necklace is Oh, So Stylish! I wore mine almost everywhere. I never felt like it never interfered with my outfit because it was so beautiful. The beads are food grade silicone that baby can chew on as much as they need, to soothe those gums as teeth start to come in. It also provides different shapes for baby to grab and bite. Keep them occupied while you are holding them in your arms. A much better alternative to getting your hair pulled or expensive silver or gold jewelry tugged on. My baby had a "Kung-Fu Grip" so I did not want to wear any of my nice jewelry around him. This served more than once purpose and I loved it!

Teething Bracelets

To match my Teething Necklace, I also loved my Teething Bracelets. These were easy on and easy off. Sometimes I would have my boy in the stroller and would be talking to someone. I could not get down there to give him my necklace so the bracelet was an easy way to take it off and hand it to him. Or if he was fussy while I am driving, I could just reach back and give him a bracelet. Another great way to use these is to wear it on the side you are breastfeeding. So that when it comes time to breastfeed again, you will remember which breast needs to be emptied next. With "Mom-Brain" you will need all the reminders you can get!

This site contains affiliate links, which means I may earn commission fees or referral fees if you make a purchase through my website. With no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support.

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