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15 Minute Chicken Soup: For Real!

Ever wish you had some homemade chicken soup for your family who is on the verge of getting sick? This is the time of year when "baby, it's cold outside" and a bowl of chicken soup really hits the spot for dinner. But doesn't it feel like it takes forever to prep and make, and is, well, frankly, too much work? So, grab a pre-made can and heat it up. Nope! It will be full of preservatives and taste, well, sort of crappy. How about 15-minute prep so you can set it and forget it? It will be healthier for your family, made from scratch, and help them recover the good old-fashioned way, like our Mommas used to make us.

Shortcuts, shortcuts, it is all about the shortcuts! I made a very small batch of chicken soup but before I did anything, I set the timer to see how long it actually took me to prep it all and I ended at 15:07! True! Then it can simmer for 2-3 hours with very little attention, smelling up your house all yummy and good.

3 organic celery stalks

6-8 organic baby potatoes

1 organic onion

1 small carton of organic chicken broth

15 organic baby carrots

5 cloves of organic garlic

4 pieces of raw organic chicken (skin on)

salt, pepper, & garlic powder to taste

Fill a medium-size pot with high quality water, add chicken, and bring it to a boil. While that is heating up, chop the celery, onion, potatoes, garlic, and carrots. Add to the boiling pot. Also add in the spices.

Hack #1 I borrowed some baby carrots from my son's snack packs. One of the biggest time suckers of making this soup is peeling & chopping large carrots. This saves so much time!

Hack #2 Using baby potatoes is less to chop. Only 2 cuts & they are bite size!

Hack #3 Use a silicone garlic peeler to skin the garlic. It's very fast and can be done in seconds.

Once all of this is added to the boiling pot, let it simmer for 2-3 hours. Covered but keep the lid open a bit so all of steam can come out. The water will reduce but do not add more. This is the time to break up the chicken with a large spoon.

Hack #4 Once the water gets low enough to see the vegetables, add the carton of chicken broth. It will add so much flavor and reduce the cooking time by half. Once the whole pot is boiling, it is ready to serve! Your family will love this as much as you loved your own Mom's soup when you were small. Enjoy!


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