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Back To School Mom Hack

One time I got my son all the way to the school drop-off line, and he turned to me and said, "Mom, these shoes hurt." When I looked at them, I saw they were on the wrong feet. Well, of course they hurt, my sweet boy. We had to switch them and then we were late.

Like when you are trying to get out the door for school, and everything is down to the minute. If your child struggles with their shoes, it can put you over the edge and make you late. Well, NO MORE!

Below is my Mom Hack Sticker System which has saved my son and me so much time. Now every time he gets a new pair of shoes, he asks me to put in a sticker system. It is super easy and fun to do.

STEP 1: Find some stickers from around the house or any activity book they may have.

STEP 2: Cut the sticker in half.

STEP 3: Place each sticker half inside the shoe so they meet up in the middle.

Now your child will know exactly which foot is left and which foot is right so there will be no more time wasted or fixing them later. This has shaved minutes off my time in getting out the door for school. Yes, sometimes it feels like I am sprinting. Happy back to school everybody! Let's have a party!

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