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Perfect Potatoes Every Time!

Ever wonder how to make perfect potatoes? Crispy on the outside, but soft and moist on the inside. In this recipe you will get to crack the code and make delicious (and easy) potatoes for your family.

As a busy Momma, I know the struggle of trying to get dinner ready in a hurry. Juggling a little one in the kitchen can be a challenge. He is always in my grill, trying to see what I am doing and wanting to participate. One thing I do, is involve him in my cooking, in hopes he will one day go to culinary school like his Dad. Simplifying tasks into smaller ones that a toddler can do, not only helps you get the dinner done faster, but can be a fun way for him to learn how to cook!

One thing he likes to do is "taste test" all the spices as we are putting them into the recipe. For this one I used extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, garlic powder, basil leaves, and dried oregano. I unscrew the cap, let him hold out his tiny finger, and I sprinkle some on to taste it. He is my little Italian boy as he loves each and every one of these spices!

The fun part is to take your washed and diced potatoes and place them in a zip seal bag. Add some olive oil. You child can do this, it is just a little sprinkle, as there is no measurement here. Let them have fun sprinkling each spice and tasting it. Then seal the bag and shake it up! My boy loves this part! Make sure to get all the potatoes nice and coated with oil and spices. #ad

My most favorite kitchen tool ever is the air fryer. I use it for so many recipes! Including this one. Simply place your oiled up, spiced up potatoes into your air fryer, set it on the "French Fry" setting and you are good to go! Done in twenty minutes. Serve them up with steak, chicken, or any protein of your choice. These will also make great breakfast hash browns. If you make this, please take a picture and tag me @MyRockerbeez so I can share the love!

Happy Cooking!

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