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What's In Your Water?

Whether you drink from a plastic water bottle or drink from the tap, do you know what's in your water? Since our bodies are 70% water, it is SO important, to know what you are drinking.

Lots of women struggle with cellulite, skin issues, and muscle aches. Did you know so many of these things can be helped by hydration alone, by drinking quality water? Yes, seriously! There are millions of people walking around very dehydrated and don't even know it. Not to mention, kids! As Moms, we know they never stop moving. They are always running, and rarely stop to take a sip of anything, let alone water. As parents, we are in charge of their health, how they eat, and what they drink. We are building the next generation, so let's make them strong and hydrated!

3 things you are doing wrong with your water & how to fix them

  1. Drinking straight from the tap

  2. Keeping a case of water bottles in your car

  3. Running errands on a hot day with no water source

Let's talk about WHY each of these are so terrible for your health and make a swap of what you CAN do to make it better.

1. Drinking straight from the tap

Most city water contains extra fluoride, added by your municipality.* Local governments believed adding it could keep their citizens from getting cavities. FALSE! It is actually such a high amount, among other minerals, that drinking tap water can be quite toxic to your body.

But maybe your house has well water, you say. Still, well water can be just as harmful to your health. Unless you can certify or absolutely guarantee every yard touching your property is chemical free, you well can be contaminated. As well, as all the neighbors "upstream" from you when it rains. If anyone is using chemicals to fight weeds, painting their house or fence, uses chemical-filled type of fertilizers for their garden, all of these are going into your well every time it rains.


Start with a small filter in your refrigerator. Most fridges nowadays come with a filtration system. Use it! If you do not have this type of refrigerator, no problem. You can certainly get a filter like this one. But be sure to change the filters as often as they say. Otherwise, there is no filtration happening. #ad

2. Keeping a case of plastic water bottles in your car

This is a HUGE NO NO! Studies have shown links between drinking out of plastic water bottles from your big box store and cancer.** The longer the water sits in the plastic bottles, the more the toxic plastic molecules seep into the water you are about to drink. Also, these dangerous molecules can be hormone disruptors. And, if the case of water sits in your trunk, during the summer it will heat up, and accelerate the molecule speed and absorption at a alarming rate.

Yes, I know I sound like Debbie Downer here, but I am just stating the facts. There is a better way to drink water. So please STOP buying from your big box store. There is another way, I promise!


Work on getting a different water source for you and your family, as mentioned above. And also stop buying cases of water. You never know how long they have been sitting on the shelf or if they have been in a hot warehouse. Think about getting a whole house filtration system or even a small one for under your kitchen sink.

If you still love plastic water bottles, make sure to get BPA free. I trust Tervis brand. Plus they have a lifetime guarantee! I dropped mine once and it cracked. I mailed it in, and they sent me a brand new one free of charge. #ad

3. Being out and about on a hot day with no water source

Some people can be dehydrated for hours and not even know it. Did you know that dry mouth or feeling thirsty is usually the last sign you are dehydrated? Have you ever been out and about doing errands, or carting kids around to sports and you snap at them? Or just feel super tired, can't get out of it, so you reach for caffeine as a pick-me-up? Yes, I have as well! All of these are signs of dehydration.

Every single cell in your body needs water to function at its fullest. Do you suffer from dry eye? Brittle hair, breaking nails, dry skin, achy joints, tired, dizziness, or chapped lips? You get the idea. If you were fully hydrated, you would not have any of these. Take a look at this comparison on the skin alone:


Hydrate! With the good stuff. Not from a gas station. Not from a big box store. Get a better way to source your water. Filter it. Make it unlimited. Hook up your fridge once and for all! You have the technology but are you using it?

And make sure every single member of the family has their own personal water bottle. Stainless steel is the best. But make sure it has the stamp #304 or 18/8. This means the bottle is certified not to leach into your drinking water. Protect yourself, protect your kids. and drink up! Get a bling bottle like I got. And pick some out for your kids as well. Water is life! Check out these cool options I love: #ad

I just dropped a podcast "All About Water" if you want to learn even more!

Drink up everybody! I like my water room temperature all through the winter. But when it is hot out, bring on the ice! How do you like your water? Comment below and see you next week!

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