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So Many Strollers, Not Enough Time!

The last time I was in Target, I took a peek at the stroller aisle. Just for kicks, I counted how many strollers there were to choose from. Once I passed 20, I stopped counting. I could not believe the number of choices new parents have to sift through to find the perfect stroller. Rest assured, you don't have to! After much of my own research, product comparisons, and review reading, the Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller came out on top! And it is the same one I used for my little guy. Here's why...

It is very common for a newborn baby, or any age baby to fall asleep in the car on the way to errands. Riding in the car is a very soothing thing, as if it rocks them right to sleep. So, as a mother, the LAST thing you want to do it wake them up, just to have them be annoyed and crying while you are trying to comb the aisles of any given store. Well, wake them no more!

The Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller allows you to unclick your baby's car seat directly from the car seat base in your car. And then "click" the entire care seat, plus baby, into the frame of the stroller. These are gentle clicks so they will not wake the baby. And your little one remains tucked in, steady, and still in their seat belt for the whole ride. They won't even notice the difference between the soothing motion of the car ride and the relaxing ride in the stroller.

The front wheels swivel for easy movement throughout the store. And the Mom tray up top has a cup holder, cell phone holder, and place for your keys. Raise the hood to block the bright lights or sun from waking them. If they do wake up during your shopping, the kid tray has a place for their water bottle and snacks. You can also clip toys or teethers to the sides to keep baby entertained. There is even a net on the bottom to collect your items as you shop.

I loved this stroller because as a first time Momma I always wanted to keep my eyes on my little one. I wanted the option of having him face forward so I could watch him sleep. Then as he got older, I could flip him facing forward, which was great so he could look out at all the colors and scenery of wherever we were.

The best part is, this stroller folds down with one easy

click which you can do with one hand. The frame is light, lays flat and fits easily into your car or SUV while still leaving room for your groceries and packages.

I cannot speak highly enough about this stroller, in case you haven't noticed. Below you can click to get yours, or think about adding this to your baby registry. Either way, it is hands down, my absolute favorite!

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