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Earth Day Beauty Tip

Happy Earth Day! I have been making a conscious effort to make my lifestyle more organic, have less waste, be natural, reduce my carbon footprint, and make the world a better place. I have done a lot of work to make this happen. Focusing on my food, cleaning products, make-up and beauty products. I am excited to share with you something I have been thinking about a lot. My hair! Or shall I say, my hair products.

I have never paid much attention to the type of hair products I use. Or the brand. I just want my hair to feel clean after shampoo and soft after conditioner. That is not too much to ask, is it? But every time I go to place my plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles in my recycle bin, I always feel like, "UGH" I go through so many bottles. I hope these get recycled and get made into something good. Like a purse or some shoes. Maybe a new toy for a toddler. But what if it doesn't? Could it end up in the ocean or a landfill? I am creating so much waste!

I have been getting a lot of requests for beauty tips and this one is perfect for Earth Day. I have heard of shampoo bars and conditioner bars as they have no bottle. Just a paper wrapping so there is no worry of plastic getting into the environment. I have been searching high and low and debating with myself back and forth. I finally made the leap. After a few products of trial and error, I found these! And I want to share them with you.

This shampoo bar is amazing! I have tried many, and this is the first one I found that actually lathers up. Certainly, there is a technique to it, but once you figure it out, it feels great! You get these big puffy bubbles that clean your scalp. It smells really good and once you rinse, you can feel the clean in your hair.

This is an Organic Rice Water Conditioner Bar with peppermint. It smells like a fresh, minty candy cane. And your scalp starts to tingle when you lather it on. At the end of the rinse, each strand is smooth and full of body. I like to let my hair dry naturally, and when I did for the first time, my hair was huge! But in a good way. I feel like it doubled the thickness of my ponytail! I love the way it makes my hair feel after using both of these together. Get yours right here on Amazon! #ad

Not only does my hair feel awesome, but my heart is full, knowing I have taken a step in a healthier way of living. What a perfect time for you to ditch your shampoo and conditioner bottles and take a healthy step toward saving the world, one shampoo bottle at a time! What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint, and how will you save the world today? Comment below. Happy Earth Day!

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