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Hand Soap Hack: Save Money, Save the Earth

Here's what the hand soap companies don't want you to know. . .

If you enjoy a good foam soap as much as I do, you will love this hack the soap companies don't want you to know about. You can do this at home and feel like you are winning at life. I have been more and more conscious of the chemicals I use in my home, including soaps, and this helps me take a more natural approach.

"Keep calm and wash your hands"

I am the biggest fan of foam soaps because they are gentle on your skin but also clean really well. Foam soaps make lots of bubbles too, so kids can have more fun washing their grubby little hands and less time complaining about it. But the secret lies in what is in the actual bottle of the foam soap.

Do you ever wonder why some soaps foam while others don't? The reason is, it's not the soap, it is the dispenser! I love the way foam soap cleans and feels in my hands. It is also delicate and does not dry out your hands as easily as regular liquid gel soap.

The big secret is most foam soaps are about 75% water! Stop paying for water and make your own. Did you ever hear the phrase, "work smarter, not harder?" This is it, but for soap! Once you learn this trick you will be able to save money, keep your family's hands cleaner, and help the environment. All things we can do to make the world a better place!

1) Buy Some Foam Soap Dispensers

If you already have foam soaps in your house, you are one step ahead of the game. Look for the dispensers that have this little contraption inside. This is what actually infuses the soap with air to create foam as it moves up the pump. You can buy a brand-new set on Amazon here #ad

Or head to your nearest dollar store. But most of the time soap from the store, inside the bottle is not a good scent or it is way too watery. So, I end up pouring out that soap and making my own. I prefer to know what is in my soap then to use a random one I know nothing about.

2) Buy A Quality Liquid Soap You Can Feel Good About

I love this Dr. Brommer's Pure Castile Soap. #ad

It is made from ingredients I can actually read and understand, and it is organic! It also comes in lots of different scents, so you can choose which one you like. Or get a variety pack to try them all.

Most soaps are filled with harmful chemicals disguised as fragrances. Dr. Brommer's Pure Castile Soap goes on smooth, and rinses off leaving a lovely, delicate scent on your skin. And, from only one 8 oz bottle, I can make 5 foam soaps. What a savings!

Fill your foam soap container with soap about a quarter of the way. Here is the amazing part where you will see how much is left in the bottle that's "not soap." Yet, the soap companies charge $5 or $6 per bottle. Pretty crazy, right? Why pay more for water when you can make your own? And water is free.

3) Fill the Rest with Water and Shake

Once you add water to the bottle, be sure to leave some room for the pump. Because turning soap into foam needs the little contraption that comes with the dispenser. All the foam soaps have this.

Place your top on and shake it well. (This is the part my son likes to help me out with.) You are done and you now have a brand-new foam soap for your home! Make as many as you need. I make one for each bathroom and the kitchen. Wherever there is a sink, there is a foam soap!


1) Save money because you will probably buy 75% less soap and the bottles are refillable

2) Keep your family safe because they will love to wash their hands more often

3) Save the environment since you won't have to recycle hand soap bottles anymore

Let me know in the comments your favorite type of natural soap. Happy Washing!


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