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Hands Free Meatballs

Since I married an Italian man & meatballs are always on the menu, I had to find a way to improvise. I didn't make them as often as I should, since I HATE putting my hands in the raw meat, raw eggs, & onions to mix it. Not to mention, I just painted my nails last night. It pains me to think I might get little chips of polish in the food & then feed that to my family. No thanks! Then, shaping the meat into those pesky little round balls. And my meatballs were always more oblong than round. It seemed like an epic fail every time. But, I hacked the meatballs!

I use the biggest clear glass bowl I have. Put all the ingredients in & then take a metal spatula to cut it. I go in a tic-tac-toe pattern, from right to left. Then spin the bowl & go across again. Then flip the meat & blend it more. Being that the bowl was clear, I could see the bottom to make sure everything was blending & it was! Hand free! I did get a pretty good arm workout in the process. Bonus!

Next was the meatball part. I took the ice cream scoop we had. The one where you can squeeze the handle & it has the little "windshield wiper" that makes the scoop come out.

This was the best! Although, I had to smash each one along the side of the bowl, or use the spatula to help push it in there. Either way, it was hands free! I baked them & they came out awesome. For my Italian man to say he loved them, I knew my meatballs would be back in the rotation. #MomHacks #Meatballs #Yum #HandsFree #Beef #Italian #Motherhood #MomLife #MommysKitchen #KitchenHacks #MomHacks #Delicious #EasyMeals #HackMyLife

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