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Natural Laundry Solutions

I have always loved really white and bright T-shirts and socks but hate the smell of bleach. You ever wash your kid's or husband's clothes and even after they come out of the dryer they still smell like bleach? Yuck! Not to mention, the harsh chemicals in bleach can damage our oceans and wildlife after going down the drain.

Well, I have a natural laundry solution for you! Baking soda plus white vinegar equals bright, white clean clothes with no smells or harm to the environment! Keep reading to learn more about this natural laundry solution every person who ever does laundry needs to know.

I am allergic to most detergents, so I have been using "Free & Clear" detergent. It doesn't really matter what detergent you use here, because the baking soda and vinegar activate the whiteners to bring out the best in the cleaning process. With this winning combination, clothes get brighter and whiter in a natural way.

Here's how it works. For traditional top loading washing machines, as the water is filling up, pour your detergent into the stream of the water to create lots of bubbles. Then add the clothes.

Wait until the water is completely covering the clothes and they are fully submerged. If your washer starts to agitate, turn it off so you can continue with the next steps.

Sprinkle in your baking soda all around the load of clothes on top of the water. I use about half a cup for a normal load. Or a little bit more for a heavily soiled load, like towels. Now watch as the magic happens.

Pour the vinegar over the baking soda and you will "see the science!" Everything starts to bubble up and foam. (My son likes to watch this part.) It is similar to building a volcano science project where you put the vinegar and baking soda to make the lava overflow. Except, this one cleans your clothes. There are no measurements on the vinegar, you just need enough to make it foam.

Turn your washer back on, close the lid and you are done! Clothes will come out as white and bright as you have ever seen. Happy Washing!



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Disclaimer: If you have a front-loading washer, I am not sure how this will work. You may want to experiment with when to add what. It is my understanding that once the door is shut, you cannot open it until the cycle is complete. Someone please email me if you figure it out and I can update my post. barbie@myrockerbeez.com

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