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"Good For You" Chocolate You Can Make at Home

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. It seems like kids prefer snacks over meals and if it were up to them, each meal would be made of snacks. But when it comes to the Standard American Diet it's S.A.D. Thoughts of snacks are chips, cookies, candy, "fruit" roll-ups, ice cream, crackers, or junk food overall. And couple that with the amount of snacks kids crave every day, they would be eating this "crap" every day, multiple times a day, if it were up to them. Thank goodness they are not in charge of the cooking and shopping, you are!

It's time to start incorporating some healthy snacks, but also YUMMY snacks for you and your family. Did you know that some chocolate can actually be healthy for you? Usually, people's first reaction to the thought of chocolate being healthy is, huh? Really? YES! And in turn, healthy chocolate can make healthy snacks. And what's better than a sweet treat that is good for you?

In fact, two years ago at my son's pediatrician appointment, the doctor encouraged us to forgo the sunblock that summer and use dark chocolate as a natural UV blocker. My reaction at first too was, huh? But turns out, adding sunblock to young children can cause more harm than good! Most sunblock brands are full of harmful chemicals that can cause huge health problems in their later years. Yikes!

I immediately went home to do more research, as I am known to do. Only to find out that he is correct. 100% Cacao (not cocoa) processes Vitamin D in the body and truly does filter out the UV rays naturally. Preventing sunburn and encouraging tan. Look for chocolates made with dark chocolate 70% or higher or the best is 100% cacao. Did you ever snack on cacao nibs? Also, yum!

In this recipe you will get so many benefits from each and every ingredient.

Organic Dates

Dates give a natural energy boost to keep kids going through a busy day of summer fun. (And moms too. Sometimes I need a boost, but not coffee. These work great for that!)

All-Natural Organic Peanut Butter

Great source of healthy fat known to encourage strong hair, healthy skin and nails. Also, the combination of peanut butter and chocolate is a classic!

Organic Dark Chocolate Baking Chips

These are what I used, as they melt up very nicely. I had no problem buying a three pack because I use them in many other recipes that call for chocolate chips.


You can even make other things healthier by using these, like chocolate chip cookies!

Plant Based Sugar Alternative

I love this sweetener and use it in my coffee too! If you have any experience with dark chocolate, it tends to be a little bitter. This is a way to sweeten it without setting your kids up for a sugar crash later.

Here is how you make these healthy snacks, or as my son calls them "yummy bites of goodness":

  1. Cut the dates and remove the pits. It is super helpful if you leave one side of the date attached so it creates a little pocket to hold the peanut butter

  2. Add peanut butter into the middle of each date and secure with a toothpick

  3. Using a double boiler, melt the chocolate chips in a metal bowl. Add 1 TBSP of plant -based sweetener

  4. Stir together until smooth

  5. Dip and spin each date into the melted chocolate until it is covered

  6. Sprinkle with salt, coconut or whatever you choose

  7. Freeze overnight

  8. Enjoy with you kids!

Easy and fun to make that even the kids can get involved. Make yours and tag me in your post @MyRockerbeez. Happy Cooking!

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