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Is It Half-Time Yet?

Sometimes with my little boy it feels like I am playing in the NFL. A day of playing, jumping, and being rambunctious with him. It is fun, but also exhausting! Every time I put my little guy down for a nap, I see it as my "half-time." Time to take a break, make a cup of coffee, and gear up for the second half of my day. Life with a baby or a toddler can be tough. My boy certainly can be a handful. I give props to all of you that have more than one child. Phew!

Remember when you used to have a job before becoming a mom? You always got a lunch break EVERY DAY! Even little breaks every couple of hours. You could step away from your desk or station to go to the bathroom (in peace) and nobody criticized or said anything about it. That was just normal.

Now, after becoming a mom, you cannot do any of that. Not even go to the bathroom in peace! I remember when my boy was learning to crawl. He would follow me everywhere. Although I would close the door to the bathroom, he'd still crawl over and stick is little hand under the door. No peaceful bathroom breaks. Making a meal now involves feeding someone else too. There is no "stepping away" from your job to take a break. Being a mom, there are no breaks. That is why we have to try extra hard to make some.

Nap time has become my break time. Guard it. Do not use it to do chores. Give yourself permission, to recharge. Whether it is a small workout, a hot cup of tea, or watching your favorite show, we all need that little something to look forward to and unwind. We work hard, we deserve it! I saw a quote that said,

"Taking care of yourself, IS taking care of your family." ~~Anonymous

I was fortunate enough to have my son nap very well from the time he was born up until one month shy of turning five. Now that the naps are gone, I had to find another way. If your child is not napping anymore, you can give them some quiet time. This is when they stay in one room for one hour, on a tablet, reading books, playing a quiet game or something that does not require your attention. One hour a day. No questions from them, no talking allowed. (Sounds like a dream, I know. But you can do it!) You need this! I know I need this. After the hour is up, you will feel refreshed and ready to start the next segment of your day.

Be sure to take some time for you! No one else is going to give it to you, so just go ahead & take it. No mom guilt allowed. If you have a hard time doing this, take a listen to my Podcast called "Recharge Your Momma Batteries". In it, I share with you exactly how to do this. Step by step so you can get some calm in your heart and take a moment to re-center. Click the link below to listen now:

Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup. So, fill your cup, Mommas! Hugs.

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