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Taking Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

It doesn't matter what stage of pregnancy you are in; self-care is always important.

~Being newly married, planning a family, and trying to get pregnant can be stressful.

~Once you finally get pregnant, those 9 months can be an array of rollercoaster feelings.

~After giving birth, some women experience post-partum depression or feelings of overwhelm.

Which is why I am so happy to join forces with Bonnie Gonzales CNM, NC-BC. She is a Nurse Midwife with over two decades of experience! She is someone I would like to highlight this month as we close out 2023 and enter into a New Year. Please take a moment to read her article titled:

Nurturing Your Mind and Heart: The Key to a Healthy Pregnancy

Wishing you a very Happy New Year! And remember to put yourself first and fill your soul. Because you can't fill from an empty cup. And your family needs you to be your best.



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