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A Perfect Solution To All That Baby Gear

For those new Mommas who want a cute and sanitary way to take care of your baby’s bottles, pacifiers, & nursing equipment, check out this adorable drying rack! Sometimes, it just has to be cuteness overload to make an annoying task more fun! I used it for my son’s bottles and milk catchers. It was so wonderful to have a separate spot from my regular dishes to hold all his gear. And yes, there is A LOT of gear. I did not want to have to stress about fumbling through my forks, knives, dishes and glassware in my drying rack to search for baby items. Trying to find a pacifier, or all the many parts to a baby bottle while he is crying does not sound good to me at all! This grass drying rack is a wonderful way to keep everything separate and away from other things in the kitchen. Just a few tips for you when you get this:

~ Keep it away from any hot surfaces (stove, burner, microwave, toaster, etc…) as it is plastic & can melt

~Get your own baby sponge to use specifically for cleaning all the baby gear. You do not want to cross contaminate with your regular dish sponge that may also clean raw chicken juice, or dirty pots & pans.

~Switch to a gentle cleansing dish soap made for babies. You don’t want to use harsh chemicals on the delicate baby gear. And you don’t want to leave any residue either. #ad

~About once a week you need to lift the grass and clean underneath in the catch tray. Water accumulates here and can stay too wet. Drying it often can keep your tray nice and sanitary, which is what we want when we are caring for little baby feeding apparatus. Staying clean, dry, and germ free is the most important!

~Place it somewhere away from cutting boards or workspace surfaces. You do not want any meat juice or raw foods to splash on the clean and sterilized baby gear. Besides, as a new Momma, you don’t want double work and have to wash it twice! We don’t have time for this. Prevention is the key!

So, get your Lawn Drying Rack today! Click the picture below and get it delivered straight to your door by Amazon!

Your baby will thank you for the nice clean baby gear. And you will love it to simplify your Baby Momma Drama! #ad

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