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Eating Organics On A Budget: Episode Two

After a trip to Costco today, I wanted to share one of my best-kept secrets they sell there. Now I hope everyone does not run out and buy them all because it is such a great tip. I still want them available when I go shopping next time, okay guys?

I love the health benefits of berries, "all berries!" That is what my son calls them. I have given him fruit for dessert after every meal since he started eating solid foods (six months old). He loves fruit, and thinks this is really his dessert, as he hardly has ice cream, candy or sweets in general. In our house, fruit is sweet. And when it is organic, it is even better!

But, as any grocery shopper knows, fresh berries are extremely expensive! Which is why I DO NOT buy them fresh, but rather frozen at Costco! I know they have not lost the nutrients because they are flash frozen, preserving all those healthy anti-oxidants. I don't have to hurry up and eat them in fear of them getting moldy. I can sleep soundly knowing they will stay fresh in my freezer forever! Or at least for a year. This bag of fruit will last one month in my household.

Check out this pricing: that is THREE POUNDS! And all I have to do is place them in little bowls with lids to portion them out. Then the bowls go in the fridge and will be thawed out in time for the next meal. It is so simple, really. And it saves me the step of washing fruit, removing stems, cutting it, etc. With my busy Mommy lifestyle, I am always looking for simple. Try it out and get your family started on organics too. It's not as expensive as you think, you just have to look in the right places!

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