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Best Hard-Boiled Egg Hack

Do you love egg salad but dislike making hard-boiled eggs? Or how about every time you go to boil them, it takes SO long, and they always end up cracking anyway?

Well, hard-boiled eggs are an EGG-cellent 🤣 source of protein for your kids and you. Why do we only enjoy them during Easter and the forget all about them the rest of the year?

You can now have them whenever you want with this kitchen gadget!

I love my egg cooker because it gives me perfect eggs every time. Here's why:

1) They are steamed with water, not boiled

2) It will never boil over and ruin your stove

3) It has a beeper so I can walk away and be reminded when it is time

4) The eggs don't crack because they are timed perfectly

5) It is really easy to clean, one wipe and you can put it back in the cabinet

6) Remove eggs from this gadget when done and soak them in ice water for 5 minutes. Place them place in the fridge and the shells will peel off perfectly!

Get your very own Egg Cooker on Amazon here and enjoy hard boiled eggs all year round! Happy Cooking!

(As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases.)

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