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Bone Broth the Fountain of Youth

It has been about three years since I began making my own bone broth. I drink one cup a day, consistently, and even take it with me on vacations in our RV. I make it every other Saturday and the batch it so big; it lasts about two weeks. Why don't I want to be without it? Here is my story.

After becoming a mom to my son five years ago, I started feeling pain in my hands and my feet. I went to numerous specialists and doctors. One doctor told me I had carpel tunnel and I may need surgery. Another specialist said I had plantar fasciitis and may also need to get work done on my feet. All the while, I did not understand how I could just "get" these two major problems, which seemed like, overnight. The chiropractor could click my hands and feet back into place, so that felt great. But it would only last a few days, and then I would be in pain again. I just wasn't understanding why this was happening.

I started reading up on hand and foot problems and as we know, pregnancy and childbirth can make your entire skeletal system more bendy than usual. Why? Well, to push the baby through the birth canal. Your hips shift, your pelvis opens up, though your body does not know to restrict this flexibility to only these two bones. Your entire skeleton could get affected too. Mine certainly was.

Even though I started wearing inside shoes around my house to support my arches in my feet, it still was not enough. I wore wrist guards at night so my hands would stay in position and not be so achy when I woke up. It didn't work too well. So, I took some alternative approaches and did even more research to figure out how to heal myself.

I met a new chiropractor who did some manual tests on my hands and feet. Like, push here, or press your fingers this way. He determined from these tests I DID NOT have carpel tunnel OR plantar fasciitis. He said if I had either of these, I could not perform those tests. This gave me peace of mind, I got my adjustments, but I still struggled with pain a few days later. Enter bone broth.

Timing is everything, and this was the exact information I needed at the right moment. I saw a segment on a morning TV show about bone broth and how it can help with rebuilding the collagen in your bones. Hmmmm. After scouring the internet, I could only find good things about "why" bone broth is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps to rebuild collagen in your bones, joints, hair and nails. It keeps the elasticity in your skin to keep you looking young. What woman on earth would not want all of these benefits and more? Arthritis sufferers have found great relief when drinking one cup of bone broth per day. You can cook with it, sauté vegetables in it, and even add to soups or side dishes. Wow, this sounded like something I needed, so I tried my first batch.

It was delicious! At first it seemed like a huge undertaking to make it, but once I got the hang of it, I could bust out a batch with no problem. It took me about two weeks of drinking one cup per day before I started feeling the positive effects in my bones. I was less achy in the morning, and I soon became pain free! It was wonderful. Here I found a natural way to help my joints get the healing they needed without medication. My hands didn't hurt like they did before. My feet were not painful to walk on barefoot anymore. My skin even perked up a little in my cheeks and forehead. I truly felt like this is my fountain of youth!

Over the past few years, there was a time I travelled on an airplane and could not bring my bone broth with me. I went on a week-long trip and by the time I got back home, my hands and feet were aching again. This was my real-life proof that bone broth works! So, I immediately made a batch to get back on this healthy track. I wish the same for you if you are suffering from joint pain, which may or may not be from giving birth. It doesn't really matter what it is from. What matters is, I am giving you a way to feel better, naturally.

Below is my recipe and please reach out if you have questions. Remember, it took me about two weeks before I started feeling better. Your healing may be faster than me, or it may take longer. Please allow yourself time to reap the rewards. Everyone is different. Happy Cooking!

I am now getting my bones from BACK CREEK FARMS in Pennsylvania. You can visit them at

They are offering all grass-fed beef bone packs. You can also make bone broth from chicken backs. They are having a special of buy 3 get 1 free on chicken backs, while supplies last!

Bone Broth Recipe

1 pound bone-in short rib (optional but it does give a lot more flavor)

1-pound organic grass-fed knucklebones

1-pound organic grass-fed marrow bones

2 large organic carrots 2 stalks of organic celery

1 large organic onion 1 head of organic garlic

2 ounces fresh organic ginger 2 Tbsp organic rosemary

2 Tbsp organic thyme 2 tsp Real Sea Salt

2 tsp black peppercorns

You will need a large crock pot to make this batch of bone broth. Since I make it every 2 weeks, I want my batch to last. You can use a smaller crock pot, but then you may need to make it every week. Below is the one I use, available on Amazon.

#ad As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support.

1) Place bones in your crock pot

2) Rinse off carrots and celery. Cut off the ends, then chop them into large pieces and add to the slow cooker. Or you can use baby carrots if you have them.

3) Cut off the ends of the onion and peel off the outside layer. Chop into large chunks and add.

4) Slice the head of garlic down the middle. Ruffle off as much of the outside skins as you can, but there is no need to perfectly harvest each clove. Chop it and add to the cooker.

5) Cut ginger into chunks and add to the slow cooker.

6) Add water to cover all the bones and vegetables. Be sure to use filtered water, not tap water, for this. The better quality of your ingredients, (including water) the better your broth will be.

7) Sprinkle herbs, peppercorns and salt on top. Set your crock pot to low and let it simmer for 24 hours. You may want to mix it up every 4-6 hours.

Make sure you use Real Sea Salt (not table salt). Real salt is unrefined and is one of the purest salts found in nature. Nothing added, nothing removed. I have been using this salt for many years for better health. Get yours on Amazon.

#ad As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support.

8) When broth is done and cooled, place a colander over a large bowl so you can strain out the bones and herbs. I usually do this with a ladle, since the slow cooker is too large for me to lift and pour. Discard the bones or save for your dog. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge to cool overnight.

9) The next day when it is completely cooled, you will notice a white layer of fat on top. Remove this and set it aside for cooking with later. You can refrigerate this "layer" in an air-tight container or zip and seal bag. This is a wonderful way to sauté veggies or seer meats. This gives added collagen to your cooking, so do not discard it!

10) Line up a few mason jars. (I usually get about 4 large jars worth from a big batch of broth.) I strain it one more time with a very fine strainer, because sometimes the bones breakdown and it is still a little gritty. I like a clean broth, with not much debris in it. Seal your jars and it will keep in your fridge for 2 weeks.

TIPS: To have a cup of broth, make sure you heat it on the stovetop. DO NOT MICROWAVE! If you microwave, you will zap out all the nutrients you have worked so hard to create.

Cook with it! When making my brown rice, if the batch calls for 4 cups of water, I will use 2 cups bone broth, 2 cups of water. It comes out delicious and extra nutritious!

Drink one cup a day to maintain your body’s collagen. Good for your bones, skin, hair, and nails! The fountain of youth in a cup!

If you want to learn more, I did a podcast about bone broth, where I interview my sister. Former vegan, then vegetarian, suffered from joint pain and now drinks bone broth for relief. Listen here:

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