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Try My "Barbie-Bux" Coffee Recipe

Since I am focusing on self-care all month long, I wanted to include my personal iced coffee recipe. Why is this considered self-care? Because I am doing something for myself every afternoon and I look forward to it. The simple act of making this drink is something for ME, and I don't have to share it with my child. I can't. It's caffeinated, and everyone with a toddler knows these little people don't need any extra energy.

Have a "Barbie-Bux" and save $5 or $6 instead of getting coffee out. I know it is technically still winter as I write this, but sometimes this hits the spot! I like this recipe a lot and it has been my afternoon pick-me-up for the past week. When 2 or 3 o'clock rolls around, I feel like I can either lay down for a nap (which is not really an option) or get a boost from this iced coffee.

As a stay-at-home Mom, I sometimes feel like I am always running around. Scheduling the family calendar, rushing to and from school drop off and pick up, grocery shopping, picking up gifts for the weekend birthday party, doctor's appointment, after school sports, and so much more! All of this is tiring, and I would rather make my own iced coffee at home than get it in the fast-food drive through. There, it will be loaded with sugar, syrups, and who knows what else. Plus, as you may already know, I boycott fast-food places anyway!

So, I created the "Barbie-Bux!"

Below I provide links to the products I used to make this. I do earn a commission if you purchase through my website at no cost to you. I am an Amazon Affiliate and I wanted to share the love!

What you will need:

Cold Brew Container #ad

Cold brew coffee grounds

(These are different than regular coffee grounds, as they are more coarse than normal.)

Califia Almond Milk (which I love!) #ad

Truvia packets (Better for you than sugar or artificial sweetener like Splenda or Equal.)

Sustainable metal straw

Ice cubes, of course!

  1. Place the coffee grounds in the center of the cold brew container

  2. Add good, quality, filtered water and place in the fridge for 24 hours

  3. Shake gently and remove coffee grounds

  4. Pour over ice and add sweetener to taste

  5. Stir and then add Califia Almond Milk

  6. Watch the magic happen and enjoy!

What is your favorite coffee beverage? Comment and let me and the community know. I hope you are practicing self-care this month. Head on over to Instagram to see my coffee video for more tips. Subscribe, like, and follow. I will follow back. Have a great week! ~~Barbie

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