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Avocado Toast Mom Hack

Ever since I moved to the east coast from California, I have struggled to find decent avocadoes. Perhaps because they ship from other places, get picked super early, and have to ripen on the freight truck. Or they are overly ripe by the time they hit the store produce department. Either way, it has been a challenge for me. I guess I got spoiled by the abundance of amazing avocadoes available to me anytime, anywhere I went in California.

In case you are not familiar with avocado toast, it is simply that: avocado on toast!

Start with a wholesome multi-grain bread of your choice in the toaster. I used Plant Based Protein bread from Aldi which is delicious! Just look at all those yummy seeds and grains. (No white bread here, Mommas! Always aim for the highest nutrition for you and your family. White bread offers little to no nutritional value since it's bleached and so processed.)

Next, you need some fresh avocadoes. Fresh is best, but due to where I live, fresh avocadoes are scarce. How can I possibly make this if the key ingredient is so hard to find? Enter MOM HACK!

Costco sells these portable, always ready, avocado minis. Perfect for on-the-go or picnics too! And they are organic, preserved with organic lemon juice for freshness.

The beauty in this hack lies in the fact of these being ready to go whenever you want to make this. No waiting for your avocado to ripen. No worrying if they will have ripe ones at the store that day. Just pop the top whenever you want. Easy, ready and done. One of these can cover 2 slices of bread.

Such a quick and healthy lunch to prepare for busy Mommas!

Avocado on toast is just fine, and you can certainly stop here and call it a day. But if you choose to get a bit more fancy, and elevate this to the next level, here it is. OH YEAH!

I added baby tomatoes and then sprinkled with some "Everything Bagel Seasoning." Yes, that is a thing! Those of you who know me know I love to shop at Aldi, which is where I found this gem. But if you don't have an Aldi near you, it is available on Amazon too!

I found this 2-pack on sale today. #ad

It makes your avocado toast taste so much more gourmet. And as I was making this for my son, I ended up making myself one too. It looked so delicious! I paired this with some sweet potato chips (also from Aldi) and 2 tangelos.

I love lunches with lots of bright colors chock full of fruits, veggies and a bit of crunch.

My four-year-old loved it and so did I! I hope you do too, and if you make it send me a pic. I will attach it to this post. Happy Cooking!

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