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Baby Bottle Battle

It can be very confusing to make sense of all the hundreds of baby bottles out there. I did a lot of research on many nipples, milk flow, and amount of air swallowed for burps. Are they orthodontically approved? Does the plastic contain BPA or harsh chemicals that may harm my newborn miracle? There are so many questions for every new parent.

Oh, my gosh! This bottle system fell into my lap and I am so incredibly grateful for the way this whole thing worked for me and my baby! Back in the day, when Babies-R-Us still existed, I registered in that store for my baby shower. As part of registering with them, I received a free gift bag with a bunch of samples of baby gear. Included in that gift bag was a Kiinde bottle system. One bottle holder, 3 milk bags, and 1 nipple. Yes, it was a starter kit, but once I compared it to other bottle systems, Kiinde was the only way I wanted to go!

The way these bottles work is so simple and extra compact for Mommas who travel with their babies often. Even if it is just to a friend’s house or doing errands. Let me break down each part of the system and explain why this company rocks!

Twist Pouch: These pouches are the bottle. Essentially, there is no bottle. It saves us Mommas a complete step, as there is no bottle to wash, no bottle to remember to bring, no bottle to pour milk into and risk spillage, and these pouches are completely recyclable! Not only are they BPA free, but they are accepted into your neighborhood recycle bin. They have a twist top with a plastic cap to screw on tight once filled with milk to stay air tight & sanitary. And bonus, very little air gets into the pouch!

Have to feed on the go? Just bring the pouch, a nipple attachment, and the base. The blue cap comes off and the nipple attaches. But don’t forget to warm it first! My husband would warm the milk between the palms of his hands. Or you can run it under hot water from the tap. After about 2 minutes of warming, the milk would be perfect!

Twist Active Latch Nipple: The active nipple comes in a couple of different flow sizes, depending on what speed your baby drinks and how fast a flow you choose. This nipple is the only part that needs to be washed so it saves you so much time and effort. That is one of the things I love most about it. Less time doing dishes, more quality time with my little bundle.

Bottle Base: This is a frame which sits around the milk pouch and gives you and your baby something to grab onto. Once your baby gets big enough to grasp, he will love the ease in holding his own bottle during feeding. Also, no bottle to clean here, since the bottle base stays sanitary and doesn’t even touch the milk! Genius!

Twist Keeper:

This keeper was a dream! No clunky bottles or odd shaped containers full of breast milk falling out of your freezer every time you open it. No sleep deprived Momma wants a block of ice milk falling on her toe in the middle of the night. No more! This stacker keeps milk in perfect order tucked away in your deep freezer for when you are ready to have more breast milk ready. Simply take a pouch out of the freezer and place it in your fridge. In a few hours the milk will thaw and be ready to go on your next day trip. Also, you can keep track of the dates, as you can easily mark these pouches with a sharpie to tell you when the milk was pumped. You can’t exactly do that with bottles!

This bottle system served my baby and my family well. Daddy loved to bottle feed him since there were no hassles & it was super convenient. Click the pic to get yours below. #ad

This site contains affiliate links, which means I may earn commission fees or referral fees if you make a purchase through my website. With no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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